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Ufuk Tatlıdil
Ufuk Tatlıdil
IT Manager | Protel

''Berqnet is a complete price-performance product for us. We used to use a global brand before and then met Berqnet. First of all, the management part is very successful and easy. The interface is straightforward and just as it should be. We can easily report and follow up on the device. In addition, the integrated structure and convenience of the device also allows us to save time. In addition, it does not end with buying a product, the support and assistance services of that product should also be good. I think Berqnet is also very successful in this part because whenever I want I am offered a very fast and satisfactory support service. We easily recommend Berqnet to our environment due to its many different advantages such as the support service we received while testing Berqnet during the demo process, and being able to get its features in a single product without paying extra charge, ie having an integrated product. "

  • Company : Protel
  • Website :
  • Sektör : Software
  • Lokasyon : İstanbul
  • Ürün : bq60 (4 Diffrent Location) & bq50
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