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Website Privacy Terms

These Web Site Privacy Conditions (“Privacy Conditions”) relate to the confidentiality of your information shared and/or obtained during the process of making use of (“Website”).

Your use of the Website means that you have read and accepted the Privacy Policy. If you think that you cannot fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Confidentiality Conditions, do not use the Website. These Privacy Terms are an annex and an integral part of the Website Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”).

In these Privacy Terms; Logo Siber refers to the company whose imprint information is given below.

Data Supervisor: Logo Cyber ​​Security and Network Technologies Inc.

Address : Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, Şahabettin Bilgisu Cad. No:

609 Gebze/Kocaeli

MERSIS No: 0609048425600015

Trade Registry Number: 19067

Phone : +90 850 577 23 77

Website :


Responsibility for all kinds of information, including identity and contact information transmitted, sent, uploaded, recorded and/or entered on the Website, belongs exclusively to the relevant User. The User declares and guarantees that any information he/she transmits/sends to the Website is reliable, accurate, does not violate the rights of third parties, and is not against the law.


Logo Siber strives to ensure the security of all pages on the Website. Various technical and administrative practices are used to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the data transmitted, sent, uploaded, recorded and/or entered on the Website.


3.1 Personal Data Collected and Processed

In accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person is personal data (“Personal Data”). Name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, company, data number, billing information and task information for users to visit and use the Website, to benefit from the Services offered on the Website or to ensure the security of the Website, IP information, Device Hardware and License Information, visited section, domain type, browser type, device type, usage date and time and similar Personal Data may be transmitted, sent, uploaded, recorded and/or entered on the Website. Users; Taking into account that these Personal Data will be open to Logo Siber under the conditions specified in the Terms of Use, they accept that they have disclosed this information and that any Personal Data transmitted to the Website by the User or collected through cookies lose their confidentiality to Logo Siber. they are deemed to have done.

3.2 Special Categories of Personal Data

Logo Siber, in any way and absolutely, unless required by law from the Users; does not request data related to race, ethnicity, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, clothing, membership to associations, foundations or trade unions, health, sexual life, criminal convictions and security measures, as well as biometric and genetic data. Logo Siber has no responsibility for the fact that this information has been given, recorded or disclosed on or through the Website.

3.3 Collection and Recording of Personal Data

Logo Cyber ​​Personal Data; can be collected by the Users personally by transmitting, uploading or saving through/through the Website and/or through cookies.

3.4 Personal Data Processing Purposes and Activity

Logo Cyber ​​Personal Data,

Providing access to the Website, ensuring that the Users benefit from the Website and Services in accordance with the Terms of Use,
Development of the Website and Services,
Ensuring the security of the Website, identifying and preventing potential risks to the Website,
User's usage analysis, personalization of the Website and Services according to usage analysis and Users' preferences;
Providing personalized advertising opportunities for the purpose of improving the Website through advertisements,
Advertising, marketing, etc. related to the Services and the field of activity of Logo Siber. carrying out activities,
Providing communication with users within the scope of using the Website and using the Services, sending electronic messages or commercial electronic messages,
Responding to applications, notifications, questions and/or requests, conducting necessary internal research during the response process, keeping application records
Telemarketing, promotion, communication, etc. use in activities
such as, use, process, store, classify in databases, use it in accordance with the purposes of the works and / or services in the field of activity of Logo Siber, in accordance with the legislation in the country or abroad can be transferred abroad, with third parties they can analyze, classify in the database, benefit from the data in the database.

3.5 Third Parties and Purposes of Transfer of Personal Data

Legally Authorized Private Law Persons: Personal Data may be transferred to private law persons who are legally authorized to request information and/or documents from Logo Siber, with their requests and limited to what must be legally transmitted.
Public Institutions and Organizations: Personal Data may be transferred to legally authorized public institutions and organizations upon their requests and limited to what is legally required to be transmitted.
Third Parties Linked Through the Website: Website; The website operated by third parties may contain and link to products and services. In case the Users choose to benefit from this website, products and services at their own discretion, their Personal Data may be transferred to the relevant third party persons and/or organizations.
3.6 Categorization of Personal Data Processed by Logo Siber and Natural Persons whose Personal Data are Processed

Personal Data that can be processed by Logo Siber and the real persons who own these data are explained and categorized in detail below.

In this categorization, the Applicant; Refers to the real person Users who submit questions, requests, suggestions, complaints and applications to Logo Siber in writing or electronically. Applications within the meaning of this article can be made for the purpose of exercising the rights regarding Personal Data, or by contacting Logo Siber by filling out the forms on the Website and requesting Services through them.

Personal Data


Data Owner



Information such as name and surname on documents such as identity card, driver's license, passport.


Communication information


Information such as phone number, address, e-mail address that will enable communication with the data owner.


Agent Information


It is the information regarding all kinds of legal representatives of the data owner, such as parents, guardians, attorneys, lawyers, if any.


Digital Data


Transmitted, sent, uploaded, saved and/or entered on or through the Data owner's Website and/or collected through cookies; IP information is data such as the part visited, domain type, browser type, date and time of use.


Application Information


The information given by the data owner due to any question, request, suggestion, complaint or application submitted to Logo Siber, the evaluations regarding these and the records kept by Logo Siber.



4.1 Logo Siber reserves the right to suspend, terminate the User's access to the Website or cancel the membership, if any, without prior notice, in case of non-compliance with the Confidentiality Conditions or an attempt to violate the rules, regardless of whether the violation occurs in full or not. This rule also applies in case of an indirect violation or attempted violation of the Privacy Terms by the Users.

4.2 The failure of Logo Siber to use or implement any legal right or measure written here does not mean that Logo Siber has waived or accepted the violation of Privacy Conditions or its legal rights.


Logo Siber reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Conditions or to introduce additional conditions at any time without prior notice. Changes made in order to be aware of the nature of the information collected during use, how it is used, in which cases this information is shared with third parties, and all necessary privacy conditions will be presented on the Website and will take effect on the date they are published. It is the User's responsibility to regularly monitor and read the Privacy Conditions. Use of the Website after such a change means acceptance of the changes in the Confidentiality Terms.


Users; that the internet environment is not a reliable environment, that communication in the internet environment is risky, personal data, passwords, etc. It knows and accepts that all kinds of information, including information, may be the addressee of unlawful acts of third parties. Logo Siber does not make any guarantees regarding the security of the Website and/or malicious acts.


In order for you to benefit from the Website more easily, some "cookies" may be used, some information may be sent to the Users or some User information may be collected through them. In cases where data collection about cookies is not desired, users have the right to prevent data collection.


You can contact us on 0850 577 23 77 for your questions regarding the Privacy Policy.

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