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Effective Protection Against Cyber Threats

At the present time, an integrated and preventive cyber security system is necessary so that there will be no security flaw and unjust suffering in this respect. By virtue of its advanced cyber protection features, Berqnet Firewall effectively protects businesses against cyber attacks and averts unwanted circumstances.

Ücretsiz Teknik Destek
Free Technical Support

Berqnet believes in perfect customer satisfaction and adopts the mentality of providing service to its business partners any time without limitation by virtue of its technical support team composed of people who are experts in their field.

Kolay Kurulum ve Kolay Yönetim
Easy Installation and Easy Management

Who wouldn't want a firewall that can be installed in just a couple of minutes and doesn't require high level of expertise to administer? Berqnet provides an interface which offers an easy and the best user experience with its skills and agility while helping you save time. Managing Berqnet products is rather easy and pleasant for every level of expertise.

Yasalara Uygun Loglama(5651)
Legal Logging with Timestamps

Berqnet keeps all internet usage records with timestamp in legal compliance. Accuracy of the records is ensured with legally approved time stamps.

Secure Internet Sharing With Guests (HOTSPOT)

With Hotspot feature of Berqnet, only authorized persons can connect to network of the business and all records are kept in full compliance with the laws. Authorization is granted via SMS password, phone number and integration with hotel software products.

İş Yerindeki İnternetin Verimli Kullanımı
Efficient Usage of the Internet in the Workplace

21% of the employees use the Internet at the office for non-business purposes at least for 5 hours a week. This leads to risks in terms of productivity and unlawful Internet usage of the employees.

Web Filter feature of Berqnet enables businesses to establish rules for groups or individuals regarding Internet access and easily block access to unwanted websites completely or at certain time intervals.

Güvenli Uzak Erişim
Secure Remote Access (VPN)

In institutions having more than one branch, employees of all branches need to have access to institutional network. IPSec VPN feature of Berqnet provides a secure solution by establishing protected tunnels between branches. SSL VPN feature of Berqnet enables employees securely connect to office network with their computers and mobile devices when they are out of the office. Berqnet is compatible with international standards and can be integrated with various brands.

Türk Lirası Fiyatlar ve Türk Lirası Üzerinden Yenileme
Affordable Cost of Ownership

Berqnet has been developed to offer the core cyber security needs that businesses need in a single product. In this way, it provides a integrated solution in a single box with best total cost of ownership.

%100 Yerli AR-GE
%100 User Friendly Interface

Berqnet has commenced its R&D studies in 2013 with the intent of producing solution to meet cyber security needs of businesses on every scale with a staff composed of cyber security experts and put its first world's easiest firewall product family onto the market in 2015. 

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