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Uğur Biçer
Uğur Biçer
IT Manager | Medistanbul Hospital

“For many years, I have experience in the establishment and operation of all infrastructure systems in the industry and health sector, from the construction of a facility to its opening. During the establishment of various factories and hospitals, I managed the teams that drew the topologies and brought them to life. At Medistanbul Hospital, we built all the systems and network structure from scratch, and we went through a detailed and intense process until the hospital's admission of patients. We continue our work by managing software and hardware processes independently of each other with an expert internal team.

I have used firewall products of different global companies in the past. During our meeting with our business partner in our new hospital project, I had the opportunity to examine Berqnet's products. First of all, the strong references of Berqnet and the comments about the product affected me positively, so I started a detailed review. I recommend Berqnet products because of its well-designed user-friendly interface, stable and performance working features, and domesticity.''

  • Company : Uğur Biçer
  • Website :
  • Sektör : Healthcare
  • Lokasyon : İstanbul
  • Ürün : bq200
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