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Mehmet Bora Buluş
Mehmet Bora Buluş
Bilgi Teknolojileri Direktörü - CIO | Logo Yazılım

Turkey's stock market is set to open the largest software company, Logo Software. It is easy to install and among the most important reasons for our selection of Berqnet. It is developed in our country and has an understandable interface and features such as the Turkish lira and sells at a competitive price. For this reason, it is quite different from its competitors.

The biggest feature of the product is its "install and forget" structure. It doesn’t need the classic “close-open, reboot, re-install” process. After a quick and easy configuration, you almost forget the device.

Continuity, security and compliance with the legislation are very important to us. While Berqnet meets all our expectations in these areas, it also guarantees our guests access in the offices. In addition, thanks to the hassle-free platform, fewer calls are received to our IT team, increasing overall efficiency.

I would definitely recommend the software to everyone. Health to the efforts of the entire Berqnet family!

  • Company : Logo Software
  • Website :
  • Sektör : Software
  • Lokasyon : Kocaeli
  • Ürün : bq60

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