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Hüseyin Sancak
Hüseyin Sancak
IT and Software Manager

''I have been working at the Istanbul Commodity Exchange for 17 years. I am responsible for all data processing, statistical branch and quality processes of the institution. We continue our work with the vision of creating up-to-date and contemporary processes by always following the technology in our institution. In the different and global product we used before, the problems we experienced in the support processes, the difficulties in the management of the device, and the excess costs in the license and service leg started to create a disadvantage for us. In addition, due to the fact that the solution offered by the Law No. 5651 is a global product, it is not integrated and additional fees are requested in foreign currency, which pushed us to look for a new product. As a result of my research, I met Berqnet, especially the fact that it is local caught my attention. In the first place, I examined the user interface and features of Berqnet, and I wanted to go to the demo stage because I was interested in its ease and integration. Based on the fact that it is domestic in the first place, the quality of the support service provided and the professionalism of our business partner caused us to decide on Berqnet.''

  • Company : İstanbul Ticaret Borsası
  • Website :
  • Sektör : State
  • Lokasyon : İstanbul
  • Ürün : bq100 (center) & bq25 (3 different location)
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