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Tolgahan Işık
Tolgahan Işık
Information Technology Executive | Burcu Gıda

“We have taken our cyber security measures with different systems before. We have experience with software-based global products. Recently, we have started a new search on the firewall side in our work on our corporate software and hardware products. At this point, we first examined Berqnet in order to provide effective cyber security protection, to fulfill legal obligations, to manage the internet usage of employees and to solve all these needs with a single product. Especially the problems we had with the brand we used before and the bad experience we had in technical support led us to Berqnet. Because of its web filtering features, Turkish language support, installation and ease of use, if anyone asks me, I can recommend Berqnet with peace of mind. With its flawless processes in support services, Berqnet meets all our expectations.”

  • Company : Burcu Gıda
  • Website :
  • Sektör : Food Industry
  • Lokasyon : Bursa
  • Ürün : bq200 (center) & bq60 ve bq25 (exterior locations)
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