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What is Zero Trust Approach (ZTNA)?

In the Berqnet SASE Zero Trust approach, an extra layer of security is used to authenticate users trying to connect to the network to ensure that only trusted users and devices are connected to the network. In addition to static controls such as user name, password and one-time password, behavior-based data such as connection time, operating system / screen size / location of the connected device are also used in the authentication process.

In each connection attempt, the user's current behavior-based data is compared with the data in a certain period and the risk score is calculated using artificial intelligence. When the risk score exceeds a certain level, the user is not allowed to access network resources.

Thanks to the micro-segmentation capability of the Berqnet SASE platform's firewall, access permissions of users and devices to critical resources can be determined in detail. In this way, sensitive resources that need to be protected are secured at a high level.

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The Benefits of Zero Trust Approach (ZTNA) Technology to Your Business

Unique Advantages of Remote Connecting Technology in Berqnet SASE Compared to Traditional VPN Technology

More Secure Remote Access

More secure remote access is provided by verifying the user with behavioral analysis and isolating unidentified devices.

Risk Reduction

By closing security gaps with tighter access controls, it controls lateral movement in the network and reduces possible risks.

Data Security

It provides stronger access controls and protection for applications and data, whether in the cloud or in the on-premises data center.

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