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What is Secure Internet Access?

Internet access to all branches and users can be provided from a central point on the Berqnet SASE platform. All sources and targets consistently benefit from security services such as Firewall, Web Filter, Gateway Antivirus, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IPS). In this way, the corporate network is protected against cyber-attacks and malicious software.

The dynamic firewall of the Berqnet SASE platform prevents unauthorized access to and from the network. Thanks to its special design, it allows the rules to be created easily without requiring advanced expertise. Thanks to its dynamic structure, it automatically follows the addresses of the sources and destinations and regulates the necessary changes.

With the web filter feature, internet access can be regulated as a group or individually, and access to unwanted sites and applications can be blocked completely or at certain time intervals.

With the intrusion detection and prevention system (IPS), cyber-attacks on the corporate network from outside and inside are instantly detected and prevented. With the Gateway antivirus feature, files containing malicious software are recognized and blocked before entering the system.

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Benefits of Secure Internet Access to Your Business

Main Advantages of Berqnet SASE's Secure Internet Access Technology to Businesses

Protects Enterprise Data

All resources and data within the institution are protected together with the dynamic firewall and other security services. Internet access to branches and users is provided from a central point.

Protects Customer Data

The data of the customers and guests served are also fully protected by the security services of Berqnet SASE, and all internal and external resources of the institution are located behind a single security center.

Protects Your Reputation

Developed with the latest technologies, the SASE Platform protects your business against cyber threats while preventing indirect reputational losses from cyber threats and securing your commercial reputation.

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