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How Does the Central Management Application Work?

Berqnet SASE platform is centrally managed. The manager application is a cloud-based central management application where all functions required for editing firewall rules and network management can be controlled.

Berqnet SASE Controller application is the central control component. This component manages the central control processes that enable all branches and remote workers in the customer network to communicate and securely access the Internet. All traffic in the customer network is collected, detailed security controls are made, and access controls are applied to the network.

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Benefits of Central Management Application for Your Business

Advantages of Central Management Application Technology in Berqnet SASE Compared to Traditional Network Management Processes

Process Efficiency

By managing your cyber security and network management processes from a single center, you can save time while increasing your operational efficiency and thus use your resources more efficiently.

Ease of Management

Being able to manage complex and time-consuming network and cyber security processes on a single screen and easily applying security policies to all points provides ease of management.


Being able to easily access all traffic records by tracking all users and devices in the network from a single point increases traceability and legal compliance.

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