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New Generation Firewall: bq600

Powerful and Simple Solution for Medium and Large-Sized Enterprises

It is developed in accordance with network cyber security needs of medium and large-sized enterprises.

New Generation Firewall: bq600

Storage Space: 128 GB SSD 
16 units stationary 10/100/1000 Ethernet port

Dual Power Supply
4 x 1 Gbps SFP Port

Technicial Specifications
Berqnet Mobile Reporting Application Support :
10/100/1000 Ethernet Port :
1 Gbps SFP Port :
USB Port :
External Storage Space :
Internal Storage Space :
External Storage Space (Network) :
Firewall Throughput (TCP) (Gbps) :
URL Throughput (Mbps) :
IPSec Throughput (Mbps) :
Antivirus Throughput (Mbps) :
Concurrent Session :
Number of Power Supplies :
Certification :
Dimensions :

What Our Clients Think About Berqnet


We have solved all of our requests regarding what we need to do on Internet with Berqnet. We frequently use web filtering features and find them very successful. For instance, we now provide secure Internet acc...

Murat Seymen Co-Founder and Executive | Kafa Radio

First of all, Turkish management and interface is very easy. It is very enjoyable to use software that is in compliance with KVKK regulations and completely domestic software. In addition, I think the qualities of licensing exclusions on TL basis and b...


Incorporating the greatest software company of Turkey, Logo Yazılım, Berqnet provides quality service at affordable prices in all of its products. While doing this, it also provides crucial confidence and support to Turkish engineers. As Hepsi Expres...

Hayrettin Erol IT Manager

Cyber security is now the basis of our commercial and individual life. With the transition to Berqnet Firewall products, we got a much more user-friendly firewall interface. In this way, we have increased the efficiency of our IT team by saving time. T...

Serhat SAHIN Site Manager | Varyap Meridian - Grand Tower

With the suggestion of our business partner BTMM IT, consultancy firm, Berqnet's stable working system and features have affected our choice of smooth structure. We use hotspot module and according to the law numbered 5651, we use Berqnet without any p...

Mehmet Bora Buluş Information Technologies Director - CIO | Logo Software

Turkey's stock market to open largest software company Logo Software as easy to install among the most important reasons for our selection of Berqnet, with understandable interface and features such as the Turkish lira is a product developed in our cou...

İlyas Yılmaz Information Technology Responsible | Tariş

“Berqnet is one of the best products we have used in terms of price / performance. Especially being able to get hotspot and legal logging features in a single product without paying extra cost, that is, having an integrated product is an important ad...


Thanks to Berqnet, we solved all of our requests regarding the internet. We frequently use the web filtering features and find it very successful, for example, we can now safely give the internet access to the sections we want and we do not have any co...

Ali Odacı Information Technology Responsible | İstek Schools Mersin College

“The product we used before was a global product. We were in search of a different product due to the fact that it could not meet our needs before legal obligations and the costs increased each passing day, and unfortunately, we encountered several c...


Along with its Turkish interface, easy installation and easy management features, Berqnet Firewall has a responsible team of experts, which is the most important point. Thus, we chose Berqnet Firewall as our enterprise's cyber security solution. We use...

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