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Powerful and Simple Solution for Medium and Large-Sized Enterprises

It is developed in accordance with network cyber security needs of medium and large-sized enterprises.

New Generation Firewall: bq300

Storage Space: 64 GB SSD 
8 units stationary 10/100/1000 Ethernet port

Technicial Specifications
Berqnet Mobile Reporting Application Support : Supporting
10/100/1000 Ethernet Port : 8
1 Gbps SFP Port :
USB Port : 2
External Storage Space : 1 TB
Internal Storage Space : 64 GB SSD
External Storage Space (Network) : Unlimited
Firewall Throughput (TCP) (Gbps) : 8.000
URL Throughput (Mbps) : 3.000
IPSec Throughput (Mbps) : 900
Antivirus Throughput (Mbps) : 2.400
Concurrent Session : 3.000.000
Number of Power Supplies :
Certification : CE/FCC
Dimensions : 430 mm x 350 mm x 44 mm

The great philosophers believe that asking is more important than answering questions. Based on this philosophy, we gathered the questions you frequently asked under this section and answered each question in detail sections that are opened when you click "+" sign.

No. Certainly no such fee is requested.

Time Stamp is a verification method that can be bought by the Government Authorized Public Certification Centers regardless of firewall devices.

Berqnet Firewall is a firewall device. It can be defined as the device that protect your business against cyber threats and attacks and ensure your data security based on this. 

From which are 100% domestic R&D products and have superior features Berqnet Firewall Devices while they are protecting your business from cyber attacks, it assumes an important responsibility when it comes to legal and regulatory compliance.

Berqnet Firewall devices are not purchased with rental model. You get a Berqnet Firewall device that you bought with a license right for 1 year. This license right allows you to actively use all the features of the device. The device belongs entirely to your business. When your license usage right is over, the device will not be taken back from you.

The license update period comes at the end of 1 year. It is important to carry out license updates, to protect the device against current threats, to pull up current threat lists from Berqnet central servers, and to use web filtering features.

If you do not renew your license, some services on your device will automatically lose their activity, but your device will not become ineffective.

License updates must be done for effective cyber security threat management.

Hotspot can work integrated with hotel integrations, Europrotel, Basit Otel, Sentez, Elektra and Erbasoft. At the same time, it can work integrated with Apsiyon site management system.

Devices does not have wireless feature.

With the help of the console port on the device, you can restore the factory settings from the console menu.

On tracking section in the first opening, berqOS version number can be seen on the system information section on lower left corner.

It can be done in 5651 Record Transfer section found in the Settings tab.

4 internets can be terminated. (Since bq25 model has 4 ports, 3 internet lines are terminated.)

Facebook and Youtube access can be blocked from the Web Filter section found in the top main headings.

Ports can be directed from port direction section found in the top main headings.


The user name is berqNET and the password is berqNET.

By default, in the ports labelled as igb1 or em1, dhcp comes as opened. It is possible to connect to the interface through default IP address

bq300, the advanced level product of the Berqnet Firewall product tree, has been developed as a highly efficient and performing cyber security product for medium-sized enterprises and enterprises maintaining their growing acceleration, and it features all features of other Berqnet products.


All Berqnet Firewall devices protect your enterprise against cyber attacks, thanks to its firewall feature and ips/ids skills.

Berqnet Firewall devices do not work with the logic of an antivirus protection. If we need to explain this with an example; In a beautiful evening on July, you went to a decent restaurant with your family. At the entrance of the restaurant 2 bodyguards asked you a few questions and requested your IDs. Imagine that you got into the restaurant after these processes. In the same way, let's assume that in the best time of your dinner, your bag was snatched by an undesirable person. Fortunately, our security guards would catch the thief and give your bag back to you.

You can consider Berqnet Firewall devices as well-trained guards waiting on door steps of your enterprise. It has been developed to protect you against the cyber attacks, by checking the inbound and outbound internet traffic.


All Berqnet Firewall devices keep your internet records with timestamp as required by Law No. 5651 and allow you to store them in a desired space.

Important note: Internet records that are not kept according to Law No. 5651, may result in criminal sanctions against persons or institutions, such as imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years or administrative fine of 100,000 TL.


Berqnet, which continues to operate with the motto of the world's easiest to install and easiest to manage firewall, is a cyber security product that everyone can easily understand, install and manage thanks to its completely user-friendly interface and infrastructure.

You can install Berqnet Firewall Devices, which are free from the complexity of cyber security products, to your enterprise within a few minutes and start to manage it.

Berqnet Firewall is a cyber security product developed in Turkey with 100% domestic R&D. Therefore, all sales are made in Turkish Lira since its establishment. Berqnet has adopted a mission to protect the enterprises it serves from the negative effects of exchange rate.

At the same time, due to the fact that it is a domestic product, it helps the presence of tangible assets of enterprises in Turkey to remain in the country again.

Berqnet Firewall works with annual licensing model. Purchased products are the equity of the purchasing enterprise. Berqnet does not work with the Firewall rental model.

Any Berqnet product purchased, continues to work next year by payment of the annual license renewal fee. The service of devices, license of which are not renewed, is never stopped and the devices are never put on hold. Only specific security updates and free technical support service is exempt.

Berqnet Firewall devices offer all services to its customers as integrated into a single box and a single license. No additional license fees are requested for upcoming features and modules such as ''5651 logging, reporting and hotspot".

Berqnet Firewall has set out to offer a full solution to all enterprises in a single box and to protect their budgets and continues to operate accordingly.


Thanks to the hotspot feature they have, all Berqnet Firewall devices enable you to set up a secure internet network in your enterprise and does not charge you extra fees.

You may log into internet with verification options such as TR ID NO verification, SMS code verification, verification with room number, verification with Passport NO, and verification with name-surname or you may integrate the logins with site/hotel management programs you use, if any.

Of course.

According to international studies, workforce loss in an enterprise decreases efficiency of the enterprise by 40%. What about the measures you take, in order to increase efficiency in your enterprise?

All Berqnet Firewall devices are capable of restricting and limiting the internet according to the rules you specify by the advanced web filtering/application filtering features. For example, processes such as individual or departmental internet speed/load assignments, internet filtering based on the individual or department, or direct banning can be performed easily and quickly.

In accordance with your enterprise policies, you may easily put some scenarios into practice such as: allow access to the news sites but not to videos in the news sites, deny or allow complete access to certain websites in certain intervals, deny access to adult/gambling/betting etc. sites directly.

At the same time, you can easily apply all filtering processes of the public network (hotspot) you share on your guest network.

With Berqnet Firewall devices, you can comprehensively manage the internet control of your employees or your guests connected to your internet via public network.


All Berqnet Firewall Devices feature SSL VPN and IPSec VPN.

In this way, secure virtual tunnels can be established between multi-branch institutions and between personnel working outside and their central office.

Having begun R&D works in 2013 with native and professionalist R&D staff in order to produce solutions for the cyber security needs of the companies of all sizes,

 Berqnet released its first product family in 2015.

With an initial aim of protecting data and system security of the enterprises with high performance and the right solutions, Berqnet continues to operate as a brand of Logo Siber Güvenlik ve Ağ Teknolojileri A.Ş., within the body of Logo Teknoloji ve Yatırım Holding incorporating Logo Yazılım that is one of the most important firms in Turkey with 35 years of experience in information technologies.

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