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*The hardware number is referred to as hardware under the system information section on the monitoring screen in the device web interface or as HID on the bottom of the device.

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Important Note: It is recommended that the modem works in bridge mode for the system to work properly.
This setting is made by Türk Telekom in TILGIN modems.

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Features to Use

2) If only Hotspot is used for guests, there must be at least 2 Access Points. One of them should serve the guests and the other company employees. If it is the only Access Point, the company employees will have to log on to the Internet by logging in as Hotspot screen. 2) Sadece Misafirler için Hotspot kullanılacaksa, en az 2 adet Access Point olması gerekmektedir. Bunlardan birisi misafirlere, diğeri şirket çalışanlarına hizmet vermelidir. Tek Access Point olursa, şirket çalışanları da misafirler gibi Hotspot ekranından giriş yaparak internete çıkmak zorunda kalacaklardır.

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