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Ferit Günay
Ferit Günay
Group Chef | Demirtaş Industrial Organized Zone

''First of all, we compared Berqnet with many different products. By comparing it with both the most well-known global brands and domestic brands, we investigated whether there is a suitable solution for us. The last point we looked at was price, because our priority was to have a completely quality and performance product and to meet our needs without any problems. As a result of our investigations, we preferred Berqnet, which we did not see any lack in terms of feature set and quality, because it is domestic, because as DOSAB, we give importance and support to domestic investments as required by our mission. I personally visited Berqnet on-site and at its headquarters, and observed its work on site. It is especially convenient for us to have a very simple, convenient and user-friendly interface.''

  • Company : Dosab
  • Website :
  • Sektör : State
  • Lokasyon : Bursa
  • Ürün : berqnet bq300 (2 different location)
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